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Club Contacts:

Wes King-Hunter



Terry Noble - "Rupe" Medicine Hat College




Rattlers Academy  Contacts:

Fernando Pardo

 17/18 Women




Steve Rusell

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Updated: April 12, 2014


*Developmental Programs - Last Day of practices was Sunday, April 6th


We thank all Developmental athletes for their participation and wish them all the very best in their future volleyball endeavours.


*Please check the website in May for upcoming information regarding SEAVC's BBQ & Beach Volleyball wind-up in Kin Coulee

     - Date, Time and other details to be provided (subject to weather conditions)


Updated: March 25, 2014

SEAVC U16/U15 girls practice time:

Starting Monday March 31, 2014

location: Medicine Hat High School South gym
Time: 6 to 8 pm
every Monday and Wednesday


17/18U Women (born 1996-97) - Rattlers Academy Volleyball Club (RAVC)

      Contact: Fernando Pardo    Phone: 403-878-5304     Email fpardo@mhc.ab.ca



17/18U Men (born 1996-97) - Rattlers Academy Volleyball Club (RAVC)

      Contact: Steve Russell      Phone: 403-529-3905      Email srussell@mhc.ab.ca


15/16U Men (born 1998-99) - Rattlers Academy Volleyball Club (RAVC)

      Contact: Steve Russell      Phone: 403-529-3905      Email srussell@mhc.ab.ca



15/16U Women (born 1998-99) - SEAVC Rattlers

       - Coaches: Sai Wong, Ashley Bechtold, Jason Batsel, Sue Edwards, Andro Deenen, Matthew Wong, Kate Wong,

         Contact: 16W - Sai Wong: saiwong@telus.net

                       16W - Ashley Bechtold ashley.bechtold@sd76.ab.ca

                       15W - Sue Edwards: fishtiger@hotmail.com



14U Women  (born 2000-2001 or later) (Competitive teams) - SEAVC Rattlers

        - Coaches: Terry Noble, Penny Dosenberger, Tori Leis, Andrea Clarkson     

          Contact: Terry Noble      Phone: 403-458-2871      Email:  tnoble@mhc.ab.ca



13U Women (born 2001) (Competitive team)  - SEAVC Rattlers

      - Coaches: Tim Bloomfield & Darren Macmillan

       Contact: Tim Bloomfield    Email: tim.bloomfield@prrd.ab.ca



13/14U Developmental Men & Women  (born 2000-2001) (Developmental Program)

        - Coaches: Trevor Stach



12U DEVELOPMENTAL (Boys& Girls) (born 2002-2003) - SEAVC Rattlers

      & 10U FUNdamental (Boys& Girls) (born 2004-2006) - SEAVC Rattlers

      - Coaches: Wes King-Hunter, Jill Langworthy, Roy Langworthy, Trevor Stach, Kora Kuehn, Jan Baugh,

                        Steve Austin, Ken Jakubowski, Kassie Bourassa, Courtney Zuhling, Pauline Twidale, Jeff Kettles,



Updated: April 12, 2014  

Sunday Practice Schedule 2014



Sun Apr 6 Age Group / Team   Location Gym / Court
All Day 15/16U Girls Tournament CHHS both

  Tournament Conflicts

Athletes are asked to please check the AVA 2014 Tournament schedule (season 2014) and to bring a schedule of any possible conflicting dates (i.e. basketball, hockey, family trips, etc) to the tryouts, or to indicate conflicts on Athlete Registration Forms so that coaches, athletes and parents may plan the upcoming season accordingly.  Please note that any tournament schedule is tentative only and may change.

Updated: Jan 19, 2014


SEAVC Developmental & FUNdamental Programs

SEAVC Developmental & FUNdamental Programs are provided by SEAVC to allow athletes the opportunity to develop their individual skills in volleyball without having to worry about: the commitment of multiple practices per week; conflicting schedules with other sports or interests; or the financial commitment involved with travelling to tournaments.  


    - Athletes not selected to a team are invited to continue training with the Developmental Program

    - Athletes main register in any SEAVC Developmental or FUNdamental Program during the season

    - these programs are focused primarily on individual skill development and are not 'team-based'.

    - There is NO Pre-registration for SEAVC programs.  Just register on site.

    - Athlete Waivers will be available on-site and must be completed by both athletes and their parent(s).


*Registration for all Developmental Programs (including FUNdamentals) is $120, which includes registration fees with Volleyball Alberta & Volleyball Canada as a recreational level player, weekly training into the month of April, a Warm-up shirt and possibly another item such as a mini-volleyball.


  ** SEAVC has reduced the Developmental Fee to $120 (from $150 in previous years) to reflect less expensive 'Recreational' VA/VC membership fee option now available for those not competing in tournaments.  SEAVC has passed this saving on to the SEAVC members (and parents). 


12U Competitive Program

In response to requests from parents and athletes to provide a Competitive Program for young girls (under the age of 13) who already have a sound skill base and/or have participated in SEAVC Developmental Program for a number of years, SEAVC ran a 12U team that competed with 13U teams last year.  If there is interest and coaches available this year, SEAVC MAY offer 12U girls (born 2002) an similar opportunity to compete as a team in tournaments again this season. Athletes will still have the opportunity to participate in the Developmental Program if they so wish and are not require to play at the Competitive level; this would simply be an opportunity to challenge athletes according to their level.   If we have a coaching staff in place and enough athletes interested, tryouts could take place starting Feb 2nd.  Schedules will be posted on this website and Tryout information will also be sent to schools.  Please contact Wes King-Hunter at wes.king-hunter@sd76.ab.ca if you are interested in having your daughter (born 2002) participate in such a program.



Rattlers Academy Volleyball Club (RAVC)

In an effort to make an even smoother transition from high school and club level volleyball to the collegiate level, and the Medicine Hat College Rattlers in particular, SEAVC will direct 17/18U male and female athletes (born 1996-97)* and 15/16U boys (born 1998-99) to the Rattlers Academy Volleyball Club (RAVC) in order to train with varsity athletes, under the guidance and mentorship of the MHC College Rattlers head coaches, Fernando Pardo (Women) & Steve Russell (Men).


*Note - athletes born in 1995 that are in grade 12 for the 2013-14 Academic year (1st year grade 12) may apply for an exemption to compete in AVA Premier Series & Provincial Championships.  Maximum of 2 overage players per team.


DEVELOPMENTAL & FUNdamental Volleyball Programs


  14U Developmental Program (athletes born 2000-2001 or later) 

12U Developmental Program (athletes born 2002-2003 or later) 

10U FUNdamental Program (athletes born 2004-2006 or later) 


Athletes & Teams in the Competitive Program will travel to tournaments and compete in the Alberta Volleyball Association Provincial Championships.  Athletes in the Developmental and FUNdamental Programs will train, but do not travel to any tournaments.

The Developmental and FUNdamental Programs are designed for athletes who want to improve their volleyball skills and knowledge, but choose to not compete in tournaments throughout the province.  It is intended that there will be a small SEAVC home tournament at the end of the season (Date TBA) for the 13/14U Developmental Athletes to compete in.  There will also be a small SEAVC wind-up tournament for the12U Developmental & 10U FUNdamental Athletes on Date TBA) -> Warning: parents may be asked by their children to play for part of the tournament, so bring your runners  :-)

Depending on the number of Developmental athletes registered at the 13/14U age group level, the Developmental athletes may train exclusively as an entire group of Developmental athletes, or they may be integrated with the Competitive 13/14 Teams when they practice.  The 12U Developmental & 10U FUNdamental age groups will tentatively practice at the same time, but on different courts or possibly even in different gyms, depending on # of athletes and gym availability.  The two age groups may do some activities and skills together, while doing others separately in order to accommodate the different ages, skill and maturity levels.

The SEAVC program also tries to finish off each season with an annual wind-up BBQ and beach volleyball fiesta at the Beach Volleyball Courts in Kin Coulee for ALL athletes (Competitive, Developmental & FUNdamental programs), coaches and parents, one day at the end of the season ...... usually in late May.  The actual date is reliant on weather, so we won't have a specific date until it becomes much closer to the time. 


Links and Printable Forms & Documents Below: (Updated: Sunday, Dec 8, 2013)  

  SEAVC Rattlers Information and Forms:



SEAVC Rattlers - Coaches' Corner:


 Alberta Volleyball Association (AVA):


 Volleyball Canada (VC):




The South East Alberta Volleyball Club (SEAVC - pronounced “see’- vick”) has been in operation since 1989, and developed a cooperative relationship with the Medicine Hat College Rattlers program.  Entering the club’s 25th season, the SEAVC Rattlers have drawn 1000’s of athletes from many, if not all of the city’s elementary, Junior and Senior high schools and from many of the surrounding communities throughout South East Alberta and South West Saskatchewan.  Last year, the club included women’s teams in each of the different age categories (18U, 16U &14U) as well as Developmental Programs for 16U, 14U, 12U & for the first time, 10U FUNdamentals.

The SEAVC program is designed to incorporate “FUN” into the development of individual and team oriented volleyball skills.  The South East Alberta Volleyball Club is competitive with other programs in Alberta as SEAVC teams have won: 4 Provincial Tier II Championships (18W - ‘93 & ‘98, 16W – ’94, 18M – ‘06); 2 Provincial Tier I – Div II Championships (18M & 18W - 2011); 2 Div II Silver Medals (16W – ’00, 14W – ’06, 14W – ‘07) and 1 Bronze (18M – ‘98).  The club has also garnered 2 Tier I Provincial Consolation Championships (18W- ‘92 & ‘94).  SEAVC has finished second at the Canadian Western Championships Div II (16W – ‘02) and the 18U Canadian Open (18W – ‘03, 18M - '07), and 4th at the Canadian Western Championships (14W – ’06).  We are looking forward to another successful season and another great turnout for 2013.  The SEAVC program has been highly regarded in the province and by the Alberta Volleyball Association as one of the few lead programs that promotes a grassroots development younger than 12 years of age and promotes maximum participation and competitive opportunities for athletes by providing developmental programs, consistent with the philosophies of Volleyball Canada, the Alberta Volleyball Association and Sport Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Plan (LTAD).

A number of former SEAVC athletes have gone on to play on Alberta Provincial Volleyball teams and for the Medicine Hat College Rattlers or other post-secondary teams.   Former SEAVC athletes who have recently played for MHC Rattlers teams  (currently on roster*) include: Michelle Alberts, Kim Andjelic, Lauren Bardahl, Alex Chesley, Diana Davison, Paige Dean, Tiffany Donovan, Sage Fahlman, Mikayla Fritzke*, Desirae Hemsing, Katie Hendeson*, Anna LeClair, Amanda McGarry, Cari Munro*, Kayla Stephenson, Karmen Tateson*, Julien VanTol, Justin Freitag, Chris Sawicki and Brett Zinger.  Other relatively recent notable SEAVC graduates having played post-secondary include:  Jasmine Hemsing (NAIT)*, Marni MacKay (Mount Royal University)*, Cecilia Enestrom (Rochester Institute of Tech), Marie Muschiol (LCC, Cindy Black (LCC), Kristie Swetnam (LCC), Joel Schellenberg (Briercrest), Jessica Zinger (Briercrest),  Natalie Weir (College of the Rockies), Janine Merkl (Grande Prairie College), Jill Walker (Louisiana Tech), Brandie Clark (University of Buffalo); Jill Herman (University of Ottawa), Kim Stonehouse (Montana State), Sara Brunner (Rocky Mountain College - Billings), Janice-Rose Reinbolt (Minot State University).   Numerous SEAVC alumni have gone on to coach with volleyball teams at the school, club and college level while a few have managed to gain coaching experience with Alberta Provincial Volleyball teams and/or Canadian National Volleyball team levels

 MHC Rattlers' coaches thoughout the years (including current* and previous years) who have coached and/or played with SEAVC include: Lindsay Bardahl* Gerry Borshowa, Sharla Butler, Paul Carolan, Brandie (Clark, Benj Heinrichs*, Kim Stonehouse, Sue Edwards,  Eve (Godin) King-Hunter, Stacey (Toews) Gilchrest, Wes King-Hunter & Terry Noble.  Numerous SEAVC alumni have gone on to coach with volleyball teams at the school, club and college level, while a few  have managed to gain coaching experience at the  provincial and/or national team levels ,


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